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I am Pleasure and Pain, Sensual Mistress, Kink Coach, Healer and Friend.

I am Mistress Zoya Zoraya, which translates as “The Richness of Life”…a name given to me by my Slavic ancestors. I am an exotic mix of Eastern European and Mexican decent.

My introduction to the BDSM scene started at the sweet age of 20 when I joined a house of domination and explored my client's desires and my own, off and on, for almost a decade.

After a long hiatus my heart has called me back to the community that has always felt like home. Now in my mid-40's, I bring much more life experience, wisdom to my play style.

I call my work Divine Power Exchange • Sacred BDSM.

I am a Reiki Master and lightworker who can read, channel and alchemize energy. I am versed in assisting others in the integration of their own shadows.

This can look like finding joy and even peace within our own kinks and desires.

This can look like giving your trust over to Me when you have not been able to fully trust anyone...whew that is POWERFUL.

Sometimes people come to me to share the secrets they hold close to their hearts and be in a space without judgement.

I can hold space for your hurts, traumas and fear and help you alchemize them...or we can enjoy lighthearted play.

What are the things you've always wanted to try but have been too afraid to?

I believe in seeking joy, pleasure and fulfillment though utilizing our senses in play.

I love to laugh and love folks with a sense of humor...

A playful sadist, I have been described as mischievous, exotic and engaging.

I am a sapiosexual : someone who is aroused by intellectual conversation and intelligence.

I will delight in your torture.

We will laugh and explore together.
an image of mistress zoya's feet with tattoo and several leather boots

I love true fetishists and pain sluts.
My specialties include:

Roleplay Fantasies Include:

Mommy / son / step-son

Cougar / Unsuspecting virgin

Teacher / student

Executrix / Boss Lady / CEO / employee

Healing Services

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing modality that promotes vitality, restores balance & is great for your overall wellbeing.

Holistic Healing/ Kink Coaching

In this hour session we dive in to your past experiences, discuss your emotional blocks, define and release any shame around your interests. Talk session.

Bring a smile to your Mistress.
Take care of my amazon & throne wishlist.


I can’t thank you enough for this morning’s talk. Just to be able to be open with someone who understands what it’s like to be inherently kinky is such a release for me. I really appreciate your feedback and understanding. You’re a very comforting presence, and, although I was nervous, your energy put me at ease.

A., Kink Coaching Client

Ready to Serve?

Are you worthy of serving?

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an image of mistress zoya's feet with tattoo and several leather boots


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