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Frequently Asked Questions

I enjoy genuine connection, am curious about and love other humans.

I work with the energy between myself and the client to intuit the direction of the scene. Communication is always important. I watch for non verbal feedback during the scene and check in with my bottoms regularly.

I was formally trained as a service top, meaning I cater My scenes toward the client’s interests, as long as our interests are mutual. It brings Me joy to curate the fantasy that is desired. I move between all of the dominant archetypes and styles…stern, nurturing, sensual, teasing, confident, demanding.

I am not cruel and not interested in damaging or hurting anyone. I am always focused on healing and helping vs harming. Much of this work is psychological and I am mindful of that.

It’s a bit easier to tell you what I do not enjoy first.

I do not enjoy those who “top from the bottom”, are demanding, passive aggressive (indirect communication styles) or not willing to listen, follow direction, or try to pressure Me to move my boundaries. Trying to anticipate My needs falls under the category of topping from the bottom. I am not a brat tamer, have no interest in brattiness. That is not fun for Me.

I do enjoy folks who are completely respectful, can truly submit, follow My rules, use direct communication, politeness, kindness, mindfulness, common sense, a sense of humor, and the ability to fully trust that I will give all needed directions.

I love true fetishists and pain sluts although I am only mildly playfully sadistic.

A relationship and play style with a bottom requires trust for both parties, honest communication and evolves over time.

Playing with folks who are willing to place their trust in Me is the most enjoyable honor.

Absolutely! I love all humans.

Yes, with enough notice. The tribute increases to my rate + additional provider rate.


I am a dominant woman full time. Meaning, this work is not an act or role play for Me. This is Me 24/7. However, I am not overbearing in My style. I believe it is possible to be kind, compassionate, human, show my bottom respect AND be dominant all at the same time.

I dress for Myself and I assure you will be pleased with My appearance. I will take your likes into consideration but do not arrive with expectations. If you have a specific fetish or roleplay that requires an item I do not own, consider purchasing it as a gift.

Please check My throne & amazon wishlists.

• I adore heels, boots, custom corsets, leather & latex.

• Height 5’4″

• Feet size 7M feet, high arches. 

• Bust 34B, waist 30, hips 38

• A small on top and medium on bottom is usually a safe bet for sets.

• Size 6-8 dress

• Consider sending a tribute for regular mani/pedi’s.

• I do not drink alcohol.

• I enjoy quality chocolate, imported novelty desserts, preserves/jams, quality fermented items.

If you have a question or have a request that you are not sure I accommodate, you may ask me.

an image of mistress zoya's feet with tattoo and several leather boots


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